Foreclosure / Estate Cleanout

The day may come when you have to sell your estate. We will clean out your estates when you sell your home. Anything you need removed, we will handle it.

Garage Cleanout Service

Hoarding Issues or just time in an area can cause possessions to accumulate. Save yourself some time and allow us to get rid of your junk!!

Senior Family Movements

Senior Family members may have to move to a retirement center and have to reduce the number of possessions. We can help with the de-cluttering of your bulky items and junk before the move. We can move anything in the house from large bed frames and bulky furniture.

Spa and Hot Tub Removal

You’re stuck with a big, bulky hot tub or spa at your home.  A Spa and Hot Tub Removal can be can be difficult and time-consuming to do yourself. A Junk Free Planet junk removal service can help!

Construction Debris Clean Up

Construction sites produce trash and debris which is not only time consuming to remove but difficult to correctly dispose of. A Junk Free Planet can clear the site, clean the site and properly dispose of any construction site debris.


Moving Items Out Of Storage

Moving your “junk” from storage to a new place? We can help with that. Just let us know the storage location and where you want us to take your “junk”.

Commercial Cleanout

Does your business need a cleanout? Commercial cleanouts are time consuming and cause headaches for the businesses that need them .

We provide commercial cleanout services for any and all businesses in the L.A. County Area including restaurants, warehouses and apartment buildings.

Residential Cleanout

Sometimes, residences need to be cleaned out.  Hoarding or home construction projects leave debris which are a hassle to cleanup. A Junk Free Planet can help residential clients avoid the hassles of cleaning out any part of their home, from attics and basements to garages and yards.

Tool Shed Removal

The shed you used for years has served its purpose and is no longer needed.  Now you now have a bulky eye sore. No matter the size and material of your shed, we can get it off your property and out of your sight and mind.


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Spa / Hot Tub Cleanup

When you no longer need that Spa or Hot Tub,

Call Us. We will happily remove it.

Disaster Cleanup

Natural Events can cause damage to parts of your house.

Natural Events can turn your beautiful overhang into junk.

Call us and we will come and clean everything up.